Textile- Defenders ERP

Textile ERP with Micro Analytics’ & Plan

ERP Software for Textile Manufacturing Company

The textile sector of Bangladesh is not yet touched the landmark of moderate automation and analytics of capacity, production, process loss, and costing. It is due to the unavailability of upgraded and cost-effective tools with the features of machine learning, textile planning and real-time machine-wise production tracking, machine downtime calculation, and real-time compact scenario with micro analytics and bottleneck tracing.

Textile- Defenders ERP with the blend of Machine Learning, BI, AI, and the latest technology, inaugurated the ERP System for the textile industry which will lead this industry to step toward the advance level of automation by avoiding the expensive supportive tools that the present day.

Marketing & Merchandising


Textile inventory Management

Financial Accounting & Asset Management

MIS Reports

Time and Action (TnA)

Gate Management

Textile Production



Textile Production Planning

Subcontract Management

Skill Matrix based HR & Payroll

Approval Management

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