Knit Composite ERP | Defenders ERP

An Ultimate Solution with Analytics for Composite Industries.

ERP Software for Knit Garments Manufacturing Company

Having the vision to transform the knit composite sector from a traditional to a bionic industry. RMG Defenders (Knit Composite ERP) was designed and developed with dynamic systems architecture by including the most advanced technological features and business features.  Which will lead to facing the challenges of the next industrial revaluation. By the practical analytics of core complexity and problems of the knit composite industry RMG Defenders ERP availed machine learning, capacity, plan and production comparison, textile plan, auto dying dispensing systems and dyeing integration, fabric swatch, product development, microanalysis and real-time visualization of each process with multi-layer approval methods.

The Revolutionary real-time production monitoring systems without RFID or ETS. And opened a new window of possibility for the composite industry to establish reasonable control and increase profitability with the minimum cost. Integrated financial accounting systems, skill matrix-based HR Systems, and the revolutionary feature of a built-in sewing planning board with drag and drop, plan parking, supply chain integration, line break, new plan and all other facilities transform the way of work in a more efficient way that will lead the garments and RMG industry toward a bionic company which only the way to meet the challenges thrown by Industry 4.0.

Marketing & Merchandising

Sewing Plan Board (full featured and web based)

Work Study/ IE

Textile inventory Management

Garments Inventory Management

MIS Reports

Financial Accounting & Asset Management

Product Development/Sample


Gate Management

Production Management

Garments Production


Time and Action (TnA)


Textile Production with Fabric Costing & Planning

Garments Production Planning

Subcontract Management

Skill Matrix based HR & Payroll

Approval Management

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