Finance Defenders

Financial Accounts with Assets Management

Accounting Software for Garments Manufacturing Company

Finance Defenders, a cohesive artifice and independent accounting system by which the financial accounting operation of an organization can be operated dynamically while it is inner looped with the 46 integrated points in merchandising, supply chain, commercial, material control department, procurement, and production which lead to regulate the post cost analysis with micro analytics and reconcile the bank and end at Balance Sheet. The user of Defenders ERP, availing the journal pulling facilities from Finance Defenders. The versatile nature of this system has been designed and developed by the guidelines of Certified Financial Experts already created acceptance to the financial decision-makers while it reduced the mass entry of all particular journals and specified the cost/benefit center-wise operation. Moreover, the central and interloped monitoring method has brought significant perfection to monitor all individual concern-wise operations and balance for the Group of Companies. Apart from the FIFO and LIFO methods Platform Accounts are able to handle the complex transactional system of Readymade Garments (RMG) and the Textile sector.

Cost Center/Chart of Account

Accounts Receivable

Balance Sheet

Risk Management

Post Cost Analysis


Profit Tracking


Cashflow Management


Bank Reconciliation

Accounts Payble


Cheque Management

Asset Management

Tax & VAT management

Approval Management

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