Pro Defenders

The Revolutionary analytical production tracking system

ERP Software for Garment Manufacturing Company

The textile & RMG industry of Bangladesh has opted for many attempts to trace the microlevel analytics of production but unfortunately, those attempts failed to meet the expectation within reasonable cost and expected aspects so far. Pro Defenders, first time ever in Bangladesh able to visualize the microlevel of production analytics in real-time from cutting to finishing.

This AAS-based Pro Defenders manages real-time production through Machine Learning & Barcodes which is ever the first time in Bangladesh. Production can be easily monitored with this module. Production Managers can track individual employee performance also identify the bottleneck which reduces productivity. With Pro Defenders Production personnel can analyze the critical path of productivity and take the necessary steps accordingly. The automatic Announcement system is an artificial intelligence that can produce real-time announcements from the ERP system. The system will announce Employee Efficiency, Last 30 minutes idle Manpower, which three lines are top performers, which will accelerate employee productivity. This will also induce some healthy competition among employees as their performance is directly linked to salary increments at the end of the trading period. Optimum use of the available machinery will ensure no unnecessary expenses are incurred by buying extra machinery. Production personnel will get the dashboard and reports mentioned below.

  • Real-time detail tracking of cutting, sewing and finishing.
  • Bundle Barcode from cutting
  • Barcode for wash garment tracking
  • Individual Employee Wise KPI
  • Each Operations Wise KPI
  • Line Wise KPI
  • Top Ten Operator Dashboard.
  • Last 30 minutes idle manpower Dashboard.
  • Total idle manpower Dashboard.
  • Required Machine and Manpower
  • Actual Machine and Manpower
  • Idle Machine and Manpower
  • Floor Wise KPI.
  • Company KPI.
  • Operation wise bottle neck tracking.
  • Automated Systems announcement for each critical event.
  • Comparison of Earlier Year to Present Year even day to day.
  • Total Quality Management.

Order Entry

WIP Inventory

Skill Matrix

Floor Wise KPI

Stylewise Detailed Tracking

Work Study/IE

Individual Operator’s Sewing Production Tracking

Machine Learning/AI/BI

Company Wise KPI

Incentive Droplets

Approval Management

Cut Plan

Individual Operator Wise KPI Dashboard

Line Wise KPI


MIS Reports

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