Real Plan

Web Based full featured Sewing Planning Board

Planning Board for Garments Manufacturing Company

In the context of Industrial Engineering and Planning for the RMG sector of Bangladesh, the growth of this industry now heavily depends upon proper planning to avoid airfreight, on-time shipment, allocate lines according to capacity, and draw an outline for the daily operations, meet the targeted productions and set the futuristic draw line to run the operational chain by avoiding any unnecessary interruption. So far, the RMG industries have experienced various desktop-based planning board which is partially integrated or connected through API with traditional ERP systems at some partial points.

Real Plan- presenting ever first in Bangladesh, by this planner will get the information about fabric, accessories, and other materials when they are in-house and plan the order accordingly. With the bled of AI Planner will know the approximate date when production will be finished based on the previous critical path analysis. Also, the planner will get information about the planning status for a specific order and can know if the planned order can meet the shipment deadline as well.

Real Plan- a web-based full-featured sewing planning board built-in and stand-alone sewing Planning Board, offering below stated features on the web with any browser through any type of smart device.


  • 360 Degree view of Overall Planning for Production
  • Planning with/without TNA integration and as per capacity.
  • Planner can simply drag and drop to make any plan or alter.
  • Line Split and Break Facility
  • Manual Plan Change Indicator
  • Expected Production Completion date
  • Real time line Loading.
  • Plan parking facilities.
  • Critical path Management.
  • Real time reflection of each line plan in different module of ERP.
  • Real time status of Supply Chain.
  • Real time status of input stock.
  • Reflection & Comparison with factory capacity and running load.
  • Integrated with IE with SMV & Efficiency slot.
  • Multiple PO wise Planning facilities.
  • Style, PO and Country wise Plan Facilities.

Capacity Evaluation

Dynamic Sewing Planning Board

Manual Plan Change Indication

Real-Time Stock Status

Order Entry

Planning with/Without TnA Integration

Critical Path Analysis

Enabled Notification System


Stylewise/PO/Colorwise Auto Plan

Line Split/Drag & Drop/Parking

Real-Time Supply Chain Status

Approval Management

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