Defenders HRIS

Skill Matrix Based Personnel Management Systems

HRIS Software for Garments Manufacturing Company

To maintain and proper utilization of human resources with proper planning Defenders HRIS, since its last version practiced the skill matrix-based HRIS systems to visualize individual KPIs and recruit the required human resource according to the budget. Having practical experience in proper HR and Compliance practice, Defenders HRIS was designed and developed by considering all the possible related facts that may be required in the textile and garments sectors workers and officials to operate the organized HR operations with the proper analytics and training.

Interactive Dashboard

Talent Acquisition Management

KPI Determinatin

Time & Attendance

Skill Matrix Based KPI Assesment

Employee Analytics

Manpower Budgeting

Training Managemnt

Employee Tracking System

Payroll & Expenditure

Leave Management


Recruiting Management

Appraisal Board

Policy/Core HR Fundamentals

Employee Engagement

Roster Management

Approval Management

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