Defenders ERP - Sweaters

An Ultimate Solution with Analytics for Sweaters Industries.

ERP Software for Sweater Manufacturing Company

By realizing the primary prerequisites solutions for the significant contributing sector in the national economy, the sweaters industry transformation to bionic manners become the demand of time and important for sustainability. Sustainable growth and gaining profit by meeting the global demand with quality products become the utmost challenge across the industry. To ensure sustainable growth and gain profit comprehensive accurate digital transformation is the only call from the harmony of time. RMG Defenders ERP with the blend of AI and BI visualizes the bottlenecks and the suggested diversions to avoid those problems and the probable consequences of those problems which leads the management to take proper decisions. While RMG Defenders is an Integrated ERP specially designed and developed in the practical environment of RMG manufacturing and so RMG Defenders ERP offers revolutionary futuristic systems than the traditional ERP systems in the Sweaters industry.

Marketing & Merchandising

Dynamic Planning Board

Work Study/IE

Subcontract Management

Skill Matrix based HR & Payroll

Product Development/Sample


Gate Management

Financial Accounting & Asset Management

MIS Reports

Time and Action (TnA)


Sweater Production


Approval Management

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